Neil Anderson

The Writer

Neil Andersen has been with Beyond the Screen from the beginning - and before that with Scanning the Movies - as the writer of the study guides which accompany each episode of the show. These guides have been and are invaluable not only to teachers for classroom use but for all who wish to learn more about the films presented on the show.

Neil's personal and professional interest in communications has led him to life-long learning in media and educational technology. He has taught film and/or media studies in high schools for over 30 years. He has been a computer resource teacher, helping teachers integrate technology into their curricula, and has given numerous educational keynotes and workshops across Canada, in the US, Asia and Europe.

Andersen has taught media courses for teachers at the University of Toronto, York University and at Mount Saint Vincent University. He is an executive member of the Association for Media Literacy (Ontario) and on the Board of the Media-Awareness Network and the Journal of Media Education.

He has made movies and videos, authored student textbooks, teacher resource books including Scanning Television, journal articles, over 200 study guides, and designed interactive CDs, websites, programs, and posters. Currently, Neil is a presenter, consultant and writer.